Jquery 1.2 says tom@to, 1.3 says tomato

Quick gotcha:

if you are searching for an element using the name attribute as in


won't work on 1.3. There you use, and watch carefully kids:


No funky @ character.

Why is this blog-worthy? Because if you are new to jQuery, most of the examples out there do use the funky @ character. If you write your code with it, it won't work. :(

Behold the command line!

When working on javascript, have you ever wanted a command line where you could test your little pieces of javascript? No? Oh well. I already wrote, so I am posting it :) As it stands, if you type echo {put your string here} it will return it on the output textarea. With this widget we can re-implement an entire unix shell! Isn't that something?


Mapserver Marvel! Virtual Earth specific tile via variable substitution on CGI

This is the quick hurrah. I will later write a longer post on how to get a single tile feature from mapserver. If you have been hitting your head against the wall trying to find this out for hours, then you will get what I will say.

1. You are going to use the cgi program. I still haven't figured out how to server tiles using MapScript
2. You are going to use variable substitution, whose information is documented in a koan-manner on this page http://old-mapserver.gis.umn.edu/doc/mapfile-reference.html#variablesubs...

Filter "%funkyvar%"
3. How do you set your variable at the end of the get string
http:/foo.com/mapserver.blahblahblah&funkyvar=foo, as described here http://n2.nabble.com/Variable-Substitution-td1987248.html#a1987248

And you are done.

Bonus rant: finding info for mapserver should get you a library science degree in the process
Bonus info: Search for their information on Nable http://n2.nabble.com/MapServer-f1969210.html

jV -- The best firefox plugin

I guess the point where you become a vi guy is when you are typing entries on web interfaces, and you miss your vi commands to navigate and edit. It seems that Eric Uhrhane felt the same way, so he wrote jV, a great firefox plugin that will turn texareas in html forms into mini vim editors

Folk and folk music

Ever since I was a child I liked folklore. It could be that Mexico, in its never ending navel gazing, is more conductive to it.

MySQL autoincrement == IDENTITY(1,1)

I often forget this, so....

MySQL autoincrement == IDENTITY(1,1) as in


Rollercoaster training with Spacewarp 20!

I got a Spacewarp 20 that I bought at a yard sale about 3 years ago for $2. Isabella at the time was really interested in gum ball machines. I believed that the reason why she liked it was because she liked seeing the ball falling down the spiral. So when I found this toy, I decided that it would be a good substitution.

This is a video of the 5000 model, but it looks very similar to the 20.

Connecting to FICS using Xboard

fics is the free internet chess server. Xboard is a chess client. This is how you make them work together:

I usually use xboard. It's possible to, e.g., log on to servers like ICC and FICS, which I find to be good places to play chess at.

Just run

ICC: "xboard -ics -icshost chessclub.com"
FICS: "xboard -ics -icshost freechess.org"


Vim macros, the quick and dirty, and Vim on Firefox

The goods:
To record: To record "keyo' do your macroee stuff here" q
To use: @"key"

The blah, blah, blah:

Okay, so I am ready to create a new macro on vim, and then I realized that I forgot how to make one. :(

I found this entry on how to do it. The best part about it is that the author forgot to talk about how you turn off the recording, so then the possibility of recursively calling the macro while you are recording was brought up. Nothing makes you smile like a random encounter with recursion!

Switching the up and shift button on an Eee

I recently got an Eee 1000. Nice little computer. The one mayor problem was dealing with the keyboard. For some reason they decided to put the up button where the right shift button is in American keyboards. Very annoying if you can touch type.

Fortunately I found this blog http://opuculuk.blogspot.com where the author pointed to a link on the eeeuser site that gives you a script to switch them around. The script also switches where the up and down button is, which is a bit disorienting, but easier to deal than not having the shift key where it should be.

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