Silly Goals

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Silly Goals are those goals that there are no deadlines or pressure to finished, but if done, bring immense happiness.

List of silly goals

Here is a list of silly goals that I want to do during my life. Some are easier than others. As I activate them, I will create a whole little node for them.

Done so far:
* Hike for most of the day with the kids
* Write a cheesy action novel

* Speak like a pirate for 48 hours
* Learn how to carry a tune
* Finish question game
* Make a 2d animated short
* Make 60 strips of a newspaper-style comic strip
* Make a history documentary short
* Finish my board game
* Create a nonviolent trading card game
* Implement my parliament game
* Implement my board game design program
* Make a kite
* Hike overnight with the kids
* Learn Klingon
* Learn Dutch
* Learn Finnish and Estonian
* Learn ancient Greek
* Learn ancient Hebrew
* Learn nahuatl
* Make a video game
* Make a robot
* Finish my college advice book
* Create a post-modern mariachi band
* Learn how to finger pick on the uke
* Make a cigar box violin
* Learn how to draw realistically
* Write a track for my invented religion
* Play and sing the uke on a metro ride
* Play and sing the uke in a bus in Mexico
* Write a simple simulation engine
* Learn how to dance Charleston
* Build a theramin
* Annotate Alan Mendelssohn Boy from Mars
*Read the whole bible

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