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Happiness day 17: Learning how to solder for real

Last week we went to the Science and Engineering festival in DC. Among the great swag that we got was a couple of circuit kits from sparkfun designed to teach one how to solder. My daughter had done the Parallax "learn how to solder" activity at the festival, so we donated some money and got two kits, one for her, and one for me.

I did mine today. It is a Simon Says game, and I was pretty pleased with how well I was soldering. I had tried it before, but I think I kept missing the right combination of soldering iron and the correct solder with for electronics. Most of my dots were pretty, except for some necessary big blobs that I needed to make to connect the battery holders; those were horrible. Admitting that fault, I was pretty happy with my job soldering the micro-controller. I had previously had problems soldering a 555 chip, so to be able to solder way more leads successfully made me happy.

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